Parallel worlds

2016 - 2018

Are we really alone in the universe? What if we are not, as I am trying to suggest in my paintings from the series titled “Parallel Worlds“?

What if there are some other forms of life apart from ours existing in other galaxies? The regularities of parallel universes may differ like our way of seeing the world around us varies from the perception of others. I would like to say that when creating this series of paintings, I strove for harmony, balance and the interconnection of compositions. My aim was to depict harmony and balance which can be found in our world and in the whole universe. Therefore, you might find myriads of parallels between my paintings and our common life, both materialistic and non-materialistic, spiritual life of transcendental overlaps or even other worlds. Everyone can interpret my art in their own way, which gives me great pleasure. By means of shapes, colours, and abstract compositions in my oil paintings on canvas I am trying to drag the viewer inside the painting thus making him or her a co-creator of the artistic work. Despite the abstract nature of the paintings (so everyone can find something different in them) the majority of viewers usually identify with the very idea I bore in my head when creating the painting. This is a great satisfaction for me and gives me more motivation and options to create new abstract paintings. Until recently, I used to paint realistic paintings only. What was not captured in the painting could not be passed on to the viewer. Modelling the leitmotif of each composition as well as creation of the whole setting of the painting, its colours, hues and lighting is a long process. All my paintings are preceded by numerous sketches and studies as I need to decide about the basic composition of lights and colours. It often happens that I do not get any further than the sketch and no final painting comes into existence.

Things and people that surround us can be viewed from various angles and perspectives. “Reality is something that was created only in our head.“ I do not remember when and where I heard this sentence but the quotation grasps the nature of my paintings perfectly.  Although my paintings are of an abstract nature they are painted by the classical technique of layering in order to achieve a maximum depth of colours. Only then can a viewer be drawn into the painting and its actions.